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FMLA Mega File

FMLA - Final Rule - 29 CFR 825 - The final rule became effective on January 16, 2009


FMLA - Back Pay Remedies - Labor Relations - From the USPS Law Department

FMLA - USERRA - Rights of Reservists & National Guard Labor Relations - From the USPS Law Department

FMLA - PTF Entitlement - Labor Relations - From the USPS Law Department

FMLA - Eligibility Memo - Labor Relations - From the USPS Law Department

FMLA - Job Modification Chart - From the USPS Law Department


FMLA - Protected Annual Leave In Lieu of Sick Leave

FMLA - Training for Supervisors - By the USPS Law Department - February, 2003

FMLA - Annual Certifications - September 22, 2005 - USPS Law Department

FMLA - Certifications From PA’s and Chiropractors - June 30, 2005

FMLA - Medical Process Chart - USPS Law Department

FMLA - USERRA - FAQ’s - USPS Law Department

FMLA - Return to Duty After Absence for Medical Reasons - ELM 865 Guidance - USPS Law Department - September 12, 2005

FMLA - USERRA - Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act - FAQ’s - USPS Law Department - July 25, 2002

FMLA and SLDC (Sick Leave Dependent Care) - Simplified Instructions for Determining if Thresholds Have Been Met For Eligibility

FMLA - Protection of Uniformed Service Members Rights

Documentation for FMLA Sick Leave - M-01474 - December 2, 2002

Is My Leave FMLA Protected Chart

FMLA Certification - Postal Record - July, 2007

FMLA Certification - Postal Record - June, 2006

FMLA Certification - Questions & Answers - Postal Record - May, 2006

District Contacts for FMLA Related Investigations - Letter From Doug Tulino - December 30, 2002

FMLA - Back Pay Remedies - Letter From Doug Tulino - January 3, 2001

Pub-71 -  Notice for Employees Requesting Leave Under FMLA Conditions

U.S. Department of Labor Website

FMLA 1250 Falls Due to Intermittent Leave - Still Qualifies For FMLA

FMLA 1250 Falls Due to Intermittent Leave - Still Qualifies For FMLA - DOL Clarification Letter

DOL Wage & Hour Division Complaint Form - To Be Used When Filing a Complaint Regarding FMLA

Signatures on WH-380’s - Doug Tulino - October 7, 2003

FMLA Grievance Citations

FMLA - Authorization to Contact Health Care Provider Form Letter

FMLA - Incomplete FMLA Certification Form Letter

FMLA - Ineligibility Form Letter

FMLA - ineligible.pdf
Family & Medical Leave Act

FMLA - An Overview by the USPS Law Department

FMLA Overview- Law Dept.pdf

FMLA Coordinator SOP - December 6, 2002


FMLA - Complete Certification - When and How to Get 2nd Opinions - By the USPS Law Department

FMLA SecondOpinions.rev.200804Law Dept.pdf

FMLA and Sick Leave for Dependent Care

Index to FMLA Regulations

Index for FMLA regulations.pdf

MSPB Favorable Decision on FMLA - By Steve Burt - Director of Education - MSALC

MSPB Favorable Decision on FMLA Steve Burt.pdf

Retention of FMLA Documentation - From David Reid III, M.D., National Medical Director - April 16, 2001


Servicemember FMLA - From the USPS Law Department

Servicemember Notice of FMLA - Law Dept.pdf

HIV Positive Employee Sued USPS For Revealing His Condition to Other Employees


FMLA - Harrell -vs- USPS - The USPS Cannot Rely on It’s Own Return To Work Regulations

FMLA return to duty regs Harrell v USPS.pdf

Bosland Federal Sector FMLA Primer


An Employee Need Not Exhaust A/L and S/L Prior to Requesting LWOP for FMLA - M-01424

Art 10 FMLA Need Not Exhaust Leave m01424.pdf

Recommendations for FMLA Documentation - By Bill Lewis, President, Trenton Metro

Reid Memo - Medical Staff Role in FMLA

ReidMemo Medical Staff Role FMLA.pdf

Joint APWU/USPS FMLA Questions and Answers


How to Apply Your Rights Under FMLA and The Privacy Act - by the APWU

How to Apply Your FMLA Rights.pdf

LWOP Spent by Union Reps Does Not Count Toward 1,250 Hours Requirement for FMLA - Das Award - June 3, 2005

LWOP for Union Not Counted Towards 1250 FMLA.pdf

Clarification Letters From USPS and DOL Regarding Application of the 1,250 Work Hour Eligibility Regarding Different FMLA Conditions

FMLA Eligibility.pdf

Medical Certification Process: Timing - Recertification of an Ongoing Condition Every Six Months in Conjunction With an Absence

Medical Certification Process - Timing.pdf

FMLA Eligibility Determination Following a Back Pay Claim - May 27, 2004


FMLA DOL 29CFR825 Reference Guide


Pub 1420 -  FMLA Poster - January, 2009

FMLAPoster Jan 2009.pdf

Complete Certification:  When and How to Get Second Opinions - From USPS Labor Relations - April, 2008


Servicemember Family and Medical Leave - From Labor Relations

Servicemember Notice.pdf

WH-380-E -  Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition - January, 2009


WH-380-F - Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member’s Serious Health Condition - January, 2009


WH-381 - Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities - January, 2009

WH-382 - Designation Notice - January, 2009


WH-384 - Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave - January, 2009


WH-385 - Certification of Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service Member for Military Family Leave - January, 2009



I just spent an hour or so reviewing the newly published FMLA regulations (thanks for the link, Glo) and not surprisingly the changes are almost entirely to the detriment of employees seeking FMLA protection.  Particularly onerous are new regulations that increase FMLA certification and recertification burdens on employees, as well as new regulations that allow direct contact by the employer with employee physicians - WITHOUT the employee's consent or knowledge.  We all know that USPS management is going to run wild with that one!  There is some other ugly stuff, too, and I hope that the NALC's response will include providing the necessary tools so that NBA's and individual Branches will be able to provide training for stewards and Branch officers that oversee Contract enforcement.


The FMLA had been a prime target for the conservative Bush administration anti-worker goons who took over the US Department of Labor in 2001 and who had been wreaking havoc on American workers and on labor unions ever since - that is until January 20, 2009.  However, enormous damage has been done, and it will take many years, even under the best circumstances, to repair much of it.  This is especially likely since the political party now out of power has promised to obstruct the restoration of American worker's rights any way they can do so, any time they can do so.  Elections do have consequences, something to remember when those same obstructionist Congressional Representatives as well some of those obstructionist United States Senators are up for election in November 2010.


Joe Golonka

Branch 2184

Western Wayne County, MI

Absence Inquiry Letters (Samples)

Absence Inquiry Letters.doc.pdf

AWOL Inquiry and FMLA Notification - Sample Letter - USPS Attendance Letter

Awol and FMLA notice1.doc.pdf

FMLA Annual Leave in Lieu of Sick Leave - Letter from A. J. Johnson, Manager, Labor Relations Policy & Programs - September 28, 2005


Flu Can Qualify as FMLA - 4th Circuit Finds Flu Covered by FMLA - May, 11, 2001

Flu - FMLA.pdf

 Court Rules Flu Patients Due FMLA Protection - By Thomas J. McCord, Esq.

Flu patients due FMLA protection.pdf

FAQ’s From the Department of Labor Regarding the New FMLA Regulations

FAQs fmla 2009 non military.pdf
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USPS Return to Work Requirements for Absences of More Than 21 Days are in Conflict With FMLA  - Landmark APWU Ruling - July 20, 2005

Documentation after 21-Day FMLA Leave.pdf